Be my saviour

Sometimes we have everything in life except peace of mind. Success, name and fame- all lose their meaning if we are not content and at peace. Surrender to the divine is the only cure to all our problems.

Life thy ways are strange

Savouring success was my craze

True love was what I chased

Destiny had it all arranged!

I should be happy, life is great

Yet confusion and depression has become my fate!

Thoughts and thoughts, no rest or peace

Bottled up emotions which need a release.

Success and fame have lost its meaning

I am going insane, I need some healing.

Peace and contentment is what I need

Not the bitterness which in my heart breeds.

They tell me I have to let go

Repose in self and before the God bow.

Skepticism tells me it’s not true

Doubts and fears in my mind brew.

Why can’t I be happy, why can’t I trust

Leave negativity behind and put myself first.

Why I seek validation, why I seek approval

Why my life has to go through all the upheaval?

This has to stop, I can’t run anymore

Embrace my thoughts and pain I endure.

I have found my saviour and I surrender to the Divine

Sing, dance, serve, celebrate, meditate and make my life shine!

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Lovely poem. Great personalities through all ages too have had to face major upheavals in life. It is the Lord whom we should seek, stick to, and enjoy for there is no greater companion in life than Him…

  2. Really enjoyed your poem with delight. Many of my poems have come from seeking of the solace from the turmoils of the mind. Until there was surrender to divine. Very glad to have found your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you! If we are trying to seek solace from the turmoils of the mind then we are on the right track, aren’t we?

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